$10 Meals
Heep Yunn School, St Stephen’s Church College, and Espuma

30 June 2016 & 7 July 2016

Students of Heep Yunn School and St Stephen’s Church College

$10 Meal 1
CPF invited Mr Eric Liang and volunteers from Espuma to organize $10 meal classes for 20 students from Heep Yunn School on 30 June 2016 and for 20 students from St Stephen’s Church College on 7 July 2016.  Using recipes from $10 meal cook books published by Feeding Hong Kong, Mr Liang demonstrated and cooked with the students a total of four dishes, two on each occasion.  The students then took home their own dishes to share with their families.

$10 Meal 2
Project Feedback

 The $10 meals programme organized by CPF with Heep Yunn School and St. Stephen’s Church College provided an excellent opportunity to the children with the right education on food.  We brought to them food to grow up on, food for friends and family to share, classis with a twist and healthy food.  We gave the kids the desire, confidence and inspiration to go to the stoves and cook. The $10 is a challenge; yet, it is fun and it is a good lesson for all of us to discern a new way of eating.

Eric Liang

Young students may not have the ability and power to tackle the poverty problem in Hong Kong.  However, they would need to understand and give empathy for the disadvantaged.  

Thanks are due to The Community Partner Foundation and Mr. Eric Liang of Espuma for arranging a $10-meal activity for our students.  Through cooking tasty budget meals, the students not only enjoyed the fun of cooking, but also experienced the difficulties of the financially needy people.  At the same time, they understood that the quality of life is not defined in terms of money spent and they should distinguish need from desire.  Hopefully, the young students will be grateful for what they already have and contribute their care for the needy.

Catalina Chan
St. Stephen’s Church College