Date of Inauguration:
24 September, 2012

Students, professors, staff, almuni & visitors of St. John’s College

The late Mr Danny Ho was a very active non-residential member of St. John’s College, University of Hong Kong from 1966-1969. Though an affiliated member, Mr Ho was a strong supporter of the College. He was the Conductor of the College Choir, member of the College Table Tennis Team, and an enthusiastic participant of various College activities and inter-hall events.

To commemorate Mr Ho’s love and affection for the College and to continue his support to the College, Community Partner Foundation (CPF) pledged to the refurbishment of the dining hall project. The renovation of the Danny Ho Bradbury Hall was completed in August 2012. The Blessing and Inauguration Ceremony of the Danny Ho Bradbury Hall was held on September 24, 2012 to commemorate the occasion. Modeled on the historic dining hall of Cambridge University, the Hall enhances community life in the College apart from being a dining hall.

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Danny Ho

Video for the Danny Ho Bradbury Hall, St. John College

Project Feedback

The first time I set foot in the Danny Ho’s Dining Hall at St. John’s College I felt I was inside a dining room of a university in England. The wooden panel, the lighting and the lamps on the table contributed to this feeling. I am so impressed with the overall design and the details .The portraits, which was painted instead of a photograph, hanging in the hall reminded us of our history and the contributions made by our fore bearers. The hard-wares are making the place a place for dining, gathering and fellowship but the most important thing is the human side of things. St John’s College will be a place for learning and nurturing of young people to become future leaders in the community.

By Michael Lai,
St. John College Alumunus