Chiang Khong Christian Education Center (CCEC)
CCEC is run by Rev Ma Siu Wan who has been in Thailand for more than 45 years with her husband Rev Ho何以嵩牧師.  They established (1) a children centre基督教頌讚宿舍in 1994 (currently 38 children), (2) a church基督教永通浸信會in 1995, (3) a kindergarten基督教晨光幼稚園 in 1998, (4) a primary school基督教晨光學校小學in 2004, (5) another children centre恩慈之家in 2006 (currently 6 children), (6) a junior high school in 2009.  There are 470 students in total in the kindergarten, the primary school and the junior high school.  All teachers are Christians.

Rev Ma wishes to build a senior high school and CPF has assisted to produce the master layout plan with local architects in March 2016.  The building of the senior high school will start in November 2016 for completion in 2018.