1. We are a private philanthropic organisation with core principles of promoting mental health awareness, supporting primary care initiatives, educating and mentoring disadvantaged youth and promoting the Christian gospel. We give priority to the support of non-government funded projects.

  2. We strongly believe that the Christian gospel is the way of life and are funding for projects undertaken by the Christian churches.

  3. Funding will only be considered when enough information is provided to show an excellent track record in similar activities.

  4. We will also consider projects that help victims of natural catastrophes and special emergencies.

  5. In general, the Foundation will not provide sponsorship for the following:

    • Individuals

    • Purely commercial ventures

    • Non-specific projects

  6. As we consider proposed projects for funding, the Foundation prioritises initiatives related to mental health awareness in line with our philanthropic mission and vision.

  7. Projects should be designed to garner support and attract matching funds and to demonstrate effective use of resources.

  8. All plans are required to have clear program objectives, target beneficiaries, operational details of the implementation process, expected outcome, timetable for implementation, and a Budget.

  9. All plans should be efficient and cost-effective as a basic principle and must be a non-profit-making nature.

  10. Applications for grants can be accepted throughout the year; however, the amount of each such appropriation is usually no more than HKD200,000.


Letter from the Heart of Ms Beatrice Mok

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