Letter from the Heart of Beatrice Mok

We live in a glitzy, fast-paced city, often caught up in the flurry of life with little time to pause and take stock of our well-being and those around us. Community Partner Foundation aims to empower a society that promotes health in body, mind and spirit.  To us, empowerment is not just having the ability to handle the challenges in one’s life, but having the resolve to walk alongside, in spirit or with funding, those who are less able to do so. Thus, we have partnered with organizations that not only address physical and mental health issues, but also social service groups such as choirs and youth programmes that rejuvenate the soul.

For the past two years, it has been our privilege to have funded and mentored organizations that share our visions.  We intend to lead with an authentic heart on this journey to raise awareness of emotional, mental, and spiritual health so that our community as a whole has the dexterity to make good life choices.

Beatrice Mok