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Outreach to Missionaries in Chiang Rai
While I was visiting Chiang Rai in January 2015, I learnt that Rev Danny Lai from Wycliffe, Sydney, Australia had just given a sermon in Chiang Rai. As I wish to learn more about missionaries in Chiang Rai, he introduced me to Mr Hung Tung Chan 陳鴻通先生, a retired policeman from Hong Kong, focusing on student work in the two Royal universities. Similar to all missionaries, he has to learn the Thai language first, usually in Bangkok before he could start his work.  We are most impressed.

In March 2015, together with Mr Fred Kan, Mr Danny Lee, and Mr Edwin Mok from Country Network from Sydney, we joined the Sunday service at American Baptist Baan Athitaan Church run by Pastor Michael Johnson from USA who started in 2001 by setting up the Grace English Language School to reach the Thai people. Mr Chan also introduced us to Ms Grace Kwok, from Hong Kong Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (HKABWE) who has started work in Northern Thailand since 1999, and Rev Yeung 楊從光牧師of Baptist Church at Maesaelong: home to the 93rd division Kuomintang who fled Yunnan after defeat in the Chinese Civil War in the 1950s. Rev Yeung came to Northern Thailand from Myanmar and has just finished building a beautiful new Baptist Church and a school for Thai Children who come to study Chinese and English after school from 4 pm to 6 pm daily. We also visited Grace Seminary School天恩神學院, founded by Rev Lee from Vancouver, Canada, headed by Ms Dara Mak麥香蘭女士 from Hong Kong who has been in missionary work in Thailand for over 27 years.

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As from that time, with the Grace of God, we are introduced to many missionaries, churches and Christian children centres. In June and November 2015, we visited most of them and presented them the Cross from St Stephen’s Church, gifts for the children and bags of rice from our farm together with Rev Paul Ip of St Stephen’s church, The Very Rev Samson Fan of All Saints’ Cathedral, Rev Jonathan Chee of The Church of Shalom, Rev Tsui Yuk Fan of St Mary’s Church, Dr Jane Lee, Director of Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council (SKHWC), Ms Seiko Lee and Ms Cannis Chan, Service Directors of SKHWC, Mr Cooke Cheung, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of St James’ Settlement, and retired school principals from SKH St Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College. In April and August 2016, the Joyful Age Group led by Rev Paul Ip and the Youth Group led by Rev Arthur Ho respectively, both from St Stephen’s Church, visited several villages for missionary work.

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