Heep Yunn School Fundraising Campaign
Heep Yunn School


Students at Heep Yunn School who required financial aid

Heep Yunn School was founded in 1936. It was converted from a government-funded school into a Direct Subsidy Scheme School in 2012.
The school believes no qualified student should be deprived of a quality education because of financial reasons. In order to fund scholarships for students in need, the Fundraising Sub-committee was set up to advise the School Council on fundraising projects.

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Community Partner Foundation (CPF) made a donation to the school’s fundraising campaign in 2014. The donation subsidized cost of tuition and fees for school activities, enabling students-in-need to fully participate in school life. Support from organizations like CPF gave Heep Yunn School more financial flexibility, allowing them to launch new programmes which provided well-rounded learning experiences for students, to recruit and to retain top-quality teachers who were committed and caring, and to invest in new facilities which met the needs of current and future students.

Heep Yunn School invited its patrons to attend the Classroom Naming Ceremony on 6th January 2017. The 1B classroom was officially named the Community Partner Foundation Room to recognize the patronage of CPF.

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