Social Enterprises, Student Explorations in Chiang Rai
In addition to church visits, we have also visited social enterprises, student explorations and service projects. Instead of opium, the Thai government has encouraged the planting of tea and coffee in the Golden Triangle. We have visited the following places:

  • Hall of Opium, a first class museum on drug history

  • Coffee plantation run by hill tribes, and Doi Chaang Coffee, one of the top ten social enterprises

  • Tea tasting and plantations run by descendants of Kuomintang

  • The Thai-Myanmar Border

  • The Thai-Laos Border


Social Enterprises, Student Explorations in CR
Project Feedback

It would be a unique opportunity for the adolescents from Hong Kong to serve the underprivileged group and needy in Chiang Rai. Due to the fast-paced living style in Hong Kong, the adolescents sometimes lost the focus and meaning of life, Chiang Rai is a fascinated place to slow down the daily pacing and good for feeling our bodies and mind.  For instance, it would be so challenging but rewarding experience for the Hong Kong adolescents as the volunteers in Mae Kok Foundation, they would prepare lessons to the children, develop the infrastructure, renovate building, etc, in the foundation. When serving the ethnic minorities and disadvantaged group, it would broaden the living horizon of Hong Kong adolescents and experience how life is beautiful.

Seiko Lee
Service Director, HKSKH Welfare Council

All in all, the journey on the whole inspired me of the raw value of life and the selfless contribution all come from the bottom of heart.  The founder of the organization dedicated their life to care for others. The tailor-made services are well planned and provided to improve the quality of life of the needy.

ChiangRai is definitely a wonderful place for the youth from Hong Kong to discover and learn when meeting people from different cultures on various excursions. Exchanged tour is worth to be organized to widen their horizons and encourage them to serve and care for the others.

This journey was incredibly successful and memorable.  I would like fully to express my gratitude towards Community Partner Foundation Limited (CPF) and Ms Mok for providing me the opportunity to visit ChiangRai. Also, the contribution from CPF & Ms Mok to serve the needy in ChiangRai is much appreciated.

Cannis Chan
Service Director, HKSKH Welfare Council