FoFo by el Willy
SKH St. Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College
Heep Yunn School

Commencement Date:
26 & 27 June, 2014

Students & Teachers

Organized by CPF and sponsored by Spanish restaurant Fofo by el Willy, two Spanish Fiestas were held: one on 26th June 2014 at SKH St. Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College; and the other on 27th June 2014 at Heep Yuun School. Teachers and students were first given an introduction on Spanish culture and were taught simple words and phrases. Then, they had fun cooking a few Spanish dishes under the guidance of the chefs. Principals, teachers, students, and CPF representatives savoured the freshly-made dishes made by Fofo by el Willy and the students.

Spanish Fiesta 1
Spanish Fiesta 2

Spanish Fiesta 3
Spanish Fiesta 4

Project Feedback

My heartfelt thanks to CPF and Ms Mok and your colleagues for providing this opportunity to Heep Yunn and our girls. Our girls benefit much from this and we do treasure much on this partnership.

By Mr C H Lee
Principal, Heep Yunn School

Food is always a friendly way to connect people.

It is our great pleasure to collaborate with the Community Partner Foundation (CPF) in promoting Spanish food and culture to the local school community. Students learnt about Spanish culture, cooked authentic Spanish food with our Spanish chef, and shared a Spanish meal with teachers, CPF and FOFO staff. The event has brought about positive impact not only to students, but has also been a rewarding experience for us in which we worked as a team to serve the school community by making use of our expertise in Spanish food and catering. We hope that the connection and friendship that we have established does not end here, but will continue to flourish and bring about more creative collaborations in the future.

By Phyllis
FoFo by el Willy