Private Screenings of My Voice, My Life
SKH Schools, Churches, and NGOs

15 & 22 November, 2014

Educationists, counsellors, youth mentors, and students

CPF organised two private screenings of My Voice, My Life in November 2014.  The documentary movie showed the poignant stories of a group of under-privileged Hong Kong youngsters who underwent six months of vigorous trainings to produce a musical on stage.  The training programme, organised by the L plus H Creations Foundation, transformed the youngsters by teaching them artistic skills but also by nurturing positive characters in them such as punctuality and self-confidence.  Hoping that the story could inspire its viewers, CPF invited educationists, counsellors, mentors, and students to watch the documentary.  A total of 233 guests attended the two screenings.

My Voice My Life